In the process of researching and making information about African languages available, the All Lab also focus on applied research.

Hence, our research findings are not shelved. Rather, they are directly applied in real life contexts.

Conversational Chatbot

In collaboration with the on the ground organizations, the All Labs has built a conversational chatbot that is optimized for minimal hardware and software requirements such as the ability to run on older generation phones and operate without the internet.

We currently have a robust conversational chatbot that is capable of answering not only biological questions but also social questions around menstrual and sexual health.

All Lab Goals


Collaborating with African language experts, academics, linguists, native speakers, researchers, librarians, and thinkers, the All Lab seeks to be the leader in Open-Sourced AI architectural design, data collection, and language comprehension for African languages.

Information Hub

The All Lab Works to make Accurate Information About African Languages Readily Available and Accessible In order to make it easy for All Person Seeking to Work, Localize, or Research In this space.